WSBot is the best automation software to Warspear Online.
Actually, we are the only one providing such service.

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How it works?

WSBot integrates memory reading with complex calculations behind it's proccess.

Clean interface

We put a lot of effort in design, as it's the most important ingredient of successful program.


Our program uses more than five ways to disable Warspear bot report, providing a secure environment for our users.

Fast and reliable

The bot has been under test for a long time and has been proved fast and reliable by many users.


Set up the way you like. The bot gives you the option to only do a certain action or to do everything for you.

Easy to set-up

The interface is clean and very easy to set-up. In 5 minutes you will be farming some gold.

Save and Load

After you set it up, you can save the settings to load it again on other time, or share with your friends.


Total downloads

600 +

Programming hours


Gold pieces farmed




Here you can see what other users say about the bot


Best bot warspear ever im loving it so much good job dev im waiting for new features xd

27/04/2018 khaymaster2 from Indonesia

The best bot ever ! But kinda expensive in my country :(

20/10/2018 Alixkiller from Iran


02/03/2019 Sanazxkiller from Afghanistan


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